Hotel Estoril Eden, Monte Estoril,
5-8 October 2005





Monte Estoril is situated 25 kilometers from Lisbon on the Atlantic ocean coast. The nearest airport is the Lisbon International airport. There are various ways in which to travel from Lisbon airport to Monte Estoril:

1.  By Bus

There is a airport shuttle bus service between the Lisbon airport and Monte Estoril departing every hour. The ticket costs 7.50 Euros and is sold on the bus by the driver. The bus conveniently leaves from the arrival area of the airport and goes all the way to the hotel Eden. This is probably the cheapest and the most convenient form of transfer. For more information on the time table and the route, contact the airport information area or Here we give a brief time table:

Monday to Friday:
Bus leaves Airport on the hour, every hour starting at 7.00 h up to 21.00 h. Last bus is at 22.30 h. Bus Leaves Estoril train station at every 13 min. past the hour starting at 6.13 h up to 20.13 h.

Saturday, Sunday and Holidays:
Bus leaves the airport on the hour every hour starting at 7.00 h up to 21.00 h. Last bus is at 22.30h. Bus leaves Estoril train station at every 28 min. past the hour starting at 7.28 h up to 21.38 h. Average time of travel indicated in the time table is 28 minutes. However, during the week days at rush hour times (Estoril-Airport in the mornings and Airport-Estoril in the afternoons), you should expect significant delays.

2.  By Taxi

If you do not feel like waiting for the bus the alternative is taxi. The approximate price of a taxi from the airport to the hotel is around 40 Euro. You can pay the fare directly to the taxi driver or the fare can be prepaid within the airport arrival area to make sure that no excess fair is demanded by the taxi driver. For more information on the fares, please contact the airport information area in the arrival section.

3.  There is a train service between Lisbon city center and Monte Estoril.

Trains are comfortable and they go every 20 minutes (more on rush hours) They leave from the harbor region Cais Sodre in downtown Lisbon, which can be reached from the airport area by bus or by taxi. The train takes about 25 minutes and costs (1 Euro).

The local currency is Euro. There are many banks where they will be happy to exchange currency, however, the most convenient way is to use the numerous cash machines available all through the city. Most cash cards are accepted. Almost all shops and restaurants accept credit cards.

The climate in early October is generally mild and sunny (daily maximum around 21 C), but showers and cool periods should not be ruled out. For more information on local conditions, tourist attractions and general information, see Portugal Virtual.

A map of Lisbon can be obtained from the information desk in the airport upon arrival. However, those wishing to have some orientation before arriving can look at the Lisbon map and at the Estoril map (just the area around the hotel).